• Pharmaceuticals

    Chem & Bio, Lab Informatics, Pharmacology, PK/PD, Safety/Tox, Formulations, Analytical, Manufacturing QC, Clinical Trials informatics support

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  • Biotechnology

    Target & biomarker ID & validation, cell and molecular biology, process development & optimisation, manufacturing and clinical informatics

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  • Diagnostics

    Assay research & development, manufacturing & QC, software & mobile app development, testing & validation, clinical informatics support.

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  • Food And Beverage

    Ingredient development, product/recipe optimisation, formulation & process development, stability, manufacturing, PLM informatics.

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  • CROs

    Laboratory operations, test validation & execution, process monitoring & QC, Clinical trials execution & regulatory informatics.

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  • Agrotech

    R&D lab operations, field testing, analytical, manufacturing QC, with chemistry, micro/molecular biology and multi-omics informatics support.

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  • Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)

    Formulations and recipe development/management, product/market testing, process scale-up and manufacturing, PLM informatics

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  • Speciality Chemicals

    Chemicals & Biomaterials, Process Development, Analytical method dev & test, Formulations & recipe dev & management, PLM informatics.

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  • Oil & Gas

    Lab & testing operations, process analytical technologies (PAT), SCADA and remote plant monitoring informatics

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